Charleston International Airport (CHS) Parking Process

Park & Go Airport Parking
Our Step-by-Step CHS Airport Parking Instructions

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Parking Process

Charleston Airport Parking Process

Park & Go seeks to make your Charleston Airport parking experience the best that it can be. When using our service, please remember that we require 5-7 minutes to check you in and shuttle you to the airport. Bring your online reservation confirmation for check-in as well. The process is easy and simple from there on out!

Booking your Reservation:

It is easiest to book your Park & Go reservation online.
After doing so, print out your confirmation sheet and bring that to the Park & Go Charleston Airport parking lot with you

When You Arrive

When you arrive at the Park & Go Charleston, SC airport parking lot:
Our check-in process is very easy. When you get to the lot you will be greeted by our friendly staff. If you booked your reservation online, hand this to the staff at this time. If you have any other coupons or other information our staff should know or have, do this now as well! They will then give you a claim ticket. Our staff will assist you with loading your bags on the shuttle and you will be able to go park your car in your reserved spot. Once you get on the shuttle it’s a short 5-7 minute drive (depending on traffic). You will arrive to the airport safely, securely, and stress-free ready for your trip!

When You Return

When you return to Charleston International Airport (CHS):
When you’ve returned from your trip, first secure your baggage from baggage claim. Then give our shuttle bus a call at the number located on your claim ticket. Once you give the shuttle bus a call, they will be there within 10 minutes to get you. After you have called the shuttle bus, head to the middle aisle of the Courtesy Vehicle pick-up area which is to the right of the taxi stand. When the van arrives, our staff will help load your bags onto the shuttle and take you back to the Park & Go parking lot. Upon arriving at the lot, your car will be ready and waiting. See the cashier to check out and receive your vehicle keys.

Our Charleston Airport Parking Location

3621 W. Montague Ave,
North Charleston, SC 29418-5942

Why Park & Go Charleston Airport Parking

We are the only off-site parking in Charleston and we pride ourselves on providing the best parking experience for our CHS airport customers. We have over 200 parking spots available and with your online parking reservation, you will be guaranteed a spot. Our online rate is the best rate available for Park & Go. At Park & Go we offer valet parking and have an on-demand shuttle. To make sure the shuttle is there right when you need it, give us a call on your way to the lot! The number is located on your reservation confirmation page. You can reach Park & Go anytime at 843.302.2288.